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See what previous clients have to say!

“EXCELLENT and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”. Eric was extraordinary in every aspect and did an outstanding work on my resume & cover letter and exceeded my expectation. Very Professional.”

– S.V., Singapore


“Eric went above and beyond in order to get my resume finished early so I was able to present my new resume at an interview that was scheduled last minute. This resume is literally going to change my life. I HIGHLY recommend using JobHuntingHQ!”

– R.W., San Diego, CA


“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got my finished resume!!! I had my doubts about JHHQ at first, but I was worried for NOTHING! I earned a $4.18 raise and will recommend Eric to anyone who needs to find a better job! Thanks a MILLION!!!”

– N.M., Miami, FL

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Why Choose a Professional Resume Writing Service?

A Professionally Written Resume Can Substantially Increase Your Earning Potential.

Fact: 95% of job hunters never reach their maximum potential in the job market because their resumes contain mistakes and errors.

Fact: If a professionally written resume earns you just $0.50 more per hour you will earn more than $1000 EXTRA every year!

Just as lawyers are good at making an argument, teachers are good at educating, and engineers are good at designing, resume writers are skilled at composing interview-winning resumes to help you land your dream job.  That doesn’t mean all resume writers are masters of their craft.  Choose a professional resume writer who is certified by either the PARW or the NRWA, the two most widely recognized authorities on resume writing standards.

Compiling the perfect resume takes grueling hours of exact preparation, detailed knowledge of cutting-edge industry standards, and the ability to maximize interviews through precise buzzword implementation.  We take the stress out of the resume writing process so you can focus on what you will be wearing to your interview (we offer help for that, too.)

Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat

Maximize your potential.

Although people just like you do not want to waste time when choosing which resume writing service will fit their needs best, the most successful candidates are picky, take their time, and do their research.  Ask questions to make sure you are getting the best deal for your hard-earned dollar.  Many resume writing services will offer guarantees they cannot fulfill and unnecessary add-ons.  Make sure you choose a resume writing service that offers the best product for YOUR needs.  Make sure you are getting a customized product that projects your personal strengths and skills with an unrivaled presence.  If you want a premium quality resume you HAVE to be picky when choosing the best resume writer for your resume. If your resume doesn’t say “You’re perfect for the job” then your resume isn’t good enough.

Evolving Interview Techniques

That was then; this is now.

Once upon a time (and today, too), companies would choose the best resume and invite the candidate to interview for the position.  Interviewers would throw a curve ball to test prospective employees.  This technique worked to unveil a wealth of information to the interviewer.  It showed how interviewers (1) dealt with adversity, (2) handled stress, and (3) prepared for success.  The question was a rendition of the following:

“Tell me one reason why I should NOT hire you.”

Years ago, a prospective employee would prepare for such a question by attempting to “trick” the hiring authority into thinking they don’t have any negative qualities.  For example, an interviewee could respond:

“I’m too careful and safe when I perform my duties.”

Here’s the problem: this “tactic” isn’t fooling anyone.  It’s obvious you are avoiding the question.  Now the interviewer can only imagine the scope of what you are trying to hide.  Employers are not impressed with the attempted reverse psychology techniques anymore.  They know you have a weak spot and if they find any value in you whatsoever they will do whatever they can to find out what it is.  Just as you want to know everything about what you are getting when you apply for a position, the company wants to know whether you will be an asset or a liability to their company.

Here is how you answer the question to earn the respect of the employer (and possibly the position he or she is offering):

Answer the question honestly.  I don’t mean indulge them into how you are always late, and how you often miss work, and how you blatantly shoot the variable breeze with coworkers to waste company time.  Pick one of your legitimate flaws (such as how you make mistakes from time to time.)  Don’t make a big deal of it and make sure you stress how you do not make mistakes often.  Give a legitimate example of a small mistake you’ve made.  And here is the secret—explain how you are working to fix this mistake and show an example of how you have learned, or are learning from, your mistake.

It’s that simple.  If you prepare yourself for this one single facet in the interview process you will be ten times ahead of your competition in the game.  Have fun and enjoy your adventurous journey to success!