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Resume Writing Service FAQ

How do I know I am getting the BEST deal with your services?

Bound by the strict code of excellence through membership with the PARW (Professional Association of Resume Writers) and the NRWA (National Resume Writers Association), you can be certain you are in the care of a knowledgeable, passionate, interview-winning Professional Resume Writer.  Eric sets his work apart from his competition by winning you more interviews, elevating your earnings potential, and helping you land your dream job sooner.

Why do your prices seem so expensive?

Think of your resume as an investment in your future.  Just like a college degree can advance you in your career, choosing an expert resume writing service is worth every single penny.  Some people invest tens of thousands of dollars to earn a higher starting wage with a college degree.  By investing a fraction of what a degree costs, our clients have seen average increases of 20% and more in their incomes.  To put that into perspective, if you were making $20,000 per year at your old job and earned, let’s say, only a 15% increase in your income after a professional resume investment, you would earn $3000 more per year!  Your investment would have been paid back in just a few short weeks!

Why don’t you have optional distribution services?

As attractive as a resume distribution service may seem, these services cannot fulfill all of the promises they make.  These distribution services harvest hundreds of e-mails from supposed recruiters, send your resume and contact information to these supposed recruiters, and finally, your inbox slowly clogs up with a few insignificant job opportunities and loads of spam.  Sadly, you will see your resume has been deleted as spam before many of these “recruiters” will even give you a chance. Be very wary of resume distribution services.

Why do I need PDF and ASCII (electronic) formatted resumes?

While you don’t necessarily need these formats to land the job of your dreams these formats can sure help you as you distribute your resume to large online job boards or apply to companies through their websites.  This day in age, employers use an automated applicant tracking system (ATS) that scans resumes for specific qualifications listed in the resume.  Some online applications will require a submission of your resume in either an electronic resume (ASCII) or in a PDF format.  Conversion to these formats is a simple process so Job Hunting Headquarters will never charge you for these extra services.  Other resume writing services charge up to $50 a piece for this service!  These additional formats are FREE when you purchase any one of our resume writing packages.

How come your prices are lower than other professional resume services?

Marketing is done via the Internet and word-of-mouth, industry referrals, recognition via online articles and social networking sites only.  There is no added expense for marketing or payroll.  Prices have been established at a profitable margin for Job Hunting Headquarters and at the lowest rate possible for our customers and still provide masterfully prepared resumes.  Workload is controlled so that your project is not written in haste.  Job Hunting Headquarters only advertises online via listings on certified boards, search engine indexing, and word-of-mouth — no grand-scale advertising; therefore, there are no additional overhead expenses for lucrative marketing.

I have seen lower prices, how come you charge more?

Our resumes are masterfully written by an industry expert.  This means that your resume is not just an MS doc with your career information but a personal marketing document crafted with care and attention to all necessary details while telling a unique story.  Yes a story.  Resumes are not supposed to be boring!  Prices have been established at profitable margin for Job Hunting Headquarters without jeopardizing the quality of your resume.  This is a very strategic and comprehensive process.  The Questionnaire assessment goes beyond an ordinary Q & A and the optional follow-up call will further draw your unique story, helping you outshine in the job market.  Our process is proprietary and unique to each individual.

How do you choose the resume’s design and what if I don’t like it?

Design is chosen based on the format needed to highlight your information and the industry you are targeting.  You are welcomed to send us suggestions or an image if you’d like.  However, while we will work with you, please accept our opinion as final as with our experience, we know if the design will help you or hurt you.  In the event that you do not like a design, you can request a change.

What if I don’t get any phone calls?  Will you guarantee the resume will get me a job?

You will receive phone calls if you submit your resume following all of our instructions.  No one can guarantee you a job.  If they do, it is simply to win your business.  The best resume is no good if you do not use it correctly or interview poorly.  You can sign up for Eric’s blog to assist you in honing your interviewing competencies.

In the unlikely event that you have followed our suggestions and have not received interview calls, please contact us and we will evaluate your job search procedure and provide you with our advice.  We will also re-evaluate your resume and see if there is any room for improvement — we will rewrite it at no cost to you.

Can you walk me through the whole process from beginning to end?

Sure.  It’s as simple as:

1. Choose a resume package that fits your needs

2. Fill out the questionnaire

3. Receive custom, professional resume

On the “Services” page, you will select which resume package and add ons you need.  Add these to your cart and follow PayPal’s secure transaction exchange.  When the payment process is complete, you will be directed to a questionnaire that must be completed before your order can begin to be processed.  Once you have submitted your questionnaire you will be contacted by e-mail to verify your information.  Your new resume will be e-mailed to you within three business days or 24 hours (depending on add on option).  When you receive your new resume, you may request changes for up to one week until you’re satisfied with the final product.