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Meet Your Resume Writer

NRWA Membership-page-0Are you getting the respect you deserve? Do you want a job you enjoy? Are you trying to get that promotion? Are you earning what you’re worth? When will you begin your journey to your dream career? Submitting a uniquely crafted blueprint of key buzzwords, notable qualifications, and powerful accomplishments can jump-start YOU into your next big time career.  Discover the exciting secrets proven to earn YOU more money…

Here’s how you know you are getting the best deal for your investment:

Our clients enjoy an average margin of increased income by 10-30%. To put this into perspective, a job seeker toiling away in a $70k salary could very well increase to a $84k salary just by using our services. That’s an EXTRA $1166 more each and every month! What if you are one of the few who don’t earn as much as the average increase? Let me break it down with the worst case scenario: Let’s say you earn a mere 50 cents more per hour by investing in our services. That means you would earn more than  $1000 per year from your investment. In other words, the money you invest in your custom, professional resume will be generated back into your pocket in no time.


Eric O’Connell, CPRW

I never really thought of myself as a writer until I received the Honors English Award in high school. As I developed my writing style through Honors English courses in college, I helped many friends and family members land really good jobs by helping them out with their resumes. I began to notice that 95% of resumes contain mistakes and errors that prevent job hunters from ever reaching their potential in the job market. When I realized this shocking figure I decided to extend my services to the public. As a seasoned, Professional Resume Writer with 16+ years of resume writing experience (2500+ custom resumes written written) I take pride in professionalism, integrity, and commitment to client satisfaction.  I am a Certified Professional Resume Writer and I actively maintain dual membership with both the National Resume Writers’ Association and the Professional Association of Resume Writers.


What Sets Eric Apart?

5…4…3…2…1…–That’s all you get to move onto the next round.  If your resume doesn’t capture the attention of your prospective employer within 5 seconds, all of your hard work and tedious effort are thrown away like yesterday’s potatoes.  Eric is here to strategically design your resume so that it’s irresistible to potential employers.  He does this through key placement of buzzwords, finely tuned sentence structure, and well-crafted flow of thought.  Your professionally written resume is guaranteed appeal to many potential employers winning you endless opportunities to interview.  All you have to do is pick out the right suit or dress.



“Thank you for your help, i appreciate you taking the time to talk to me over the phone . Considering i was transitioning from one field to another i think being able to explain it over the phone was extremely helpful. You seemed to genuinely care and i truly appreciated your promptness in replying to all of my emails as well. Thank you for helping me modify my resume to allow my transition into another field.”

-M. M., Hudson, OH

“Eric did an excellent job of reformatting what was already available and writing an extremely useful cover letter.”

-M. H., Glen Iris, VIC (Australia)

“JobHuntingHQ did a terrific job on my resume and finished it ahead of schedule!! He always kept me in the loop with constant updates and feedback. He more than satisfied my expectations. I highly recommend JobHuntingHQ!!”

-D. R., Astoria, NY

“I have been using Elance for over 4 years now. Eric is one of the best elancers I have used. I will definitely use Eric again. He responded back to me in a timely fashion and the first draft of his work was all that was needed. Thanks Again Eric”

-K. S., Sedona, AZ

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got my finished resume!!! I had my doubts about JHHQ at first, but I was worried for NOTHING! I earned a $4.18 raise and will recommend Eric to anyone who needs to find a better job! Thanks a MILLION!!!”

-N. M., Miami, FL

“It’s really amazed to see the result from Eric. Not only satisfied but I would say it’s extraordinary. His words choice and arrangement are just very professional and give the positive impact to the reader. Very recommended !”

-K. R., Bandung, Indonesia

“Good job with resume. Finished in a very timely manner. Would hire again.”

-D. G., Selma, TX

“Thanks again everything looks great!”

-N. B., Peninsula, OH

““EXCELLENT and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”. Eric was extraordinary in every aspect and did an outstanding work on my resume & cover letter and exceeded my expectation. Very Professional.”

-S. V., Jurong East, Singapore

“Eric went above and beyond in order to get my resume finished early so I was able to present my new resume at an interview that was scheduled last minute. This resume is literally going to change my life. I HIGHLY recommend using JobHuntingHQ!”

-R. W., San Diego, CA

“This looks wonderful – it’s like I am being introduced to an entirely new person!  All the tasks and accomplshments here are well thought out and well-worded. Thanks alot!”

-G. R., Mansfield, OH

“I will always use you from now on, you have a customer for life. I really like what you have done with my resume and letter.Thanks again for your time and effort. I think these are awesome. Thank You so very much. They look great and I am very happy that I spent the money to have you do this. I don’t see one thing that I would change, it’s just fantastic. VERY NICE!”

-J. B., Coshocton, OH

“Thank you so much Eric, I really like it…THANK YOU!!!”

-S. B., Mantua, OH